Biman basu science writer willy

As the rain poured so came the deluge of calls for help to the rescue services as once again people ignored repeated warnings to stay out of danger and avoid risk during the adverse weather condi-tions. Even after several cautionary calls were given to motorists to stay at home and not go out unless there was an emergency, a large number of distress calls from stranded motorists was coming in as people had not taken our advice seriously, tweeted the Public Au-thority of Civil Defence and Am-bulance PACDA.

Biman basu science writer willy

In his cable, His Majesty the Sultan has wished him good health and happiness, praying to Allah the Almighty to grant him success for achievement of further progress and prosperity for the brotherly Saudi people.

Counselling can raise awareness about cancer and help alleviate the suffering of patients and their families but this form of support is miss-ing in hospitals in Oman.

We have excellent treat-ment facilities and state-of-the-art treatments available in Oman for cancer, but, unfor-tunately, we lack counselling, Yuthar Al Rawahy, founder and chairperson of Oman Cancer Association OCAtold the Times of Oman.

Al Rawahy said that the as-sociation is trying its best to reach out to patients through its initiatives but emphasised that counselling support should be provided for cancer patients in hospitals in Oman.

Commenting on the preva-lence of cancer among adults and children in Oman, she said that as ofthe occurrence of cancer has been around There have been 1, cases reported in children, of which 87 were in the age group of 14 and below, accounting for 7. A heartbroken father, whose daughter committed sui-cide over her school results, has urged parents to teach young-sters how to handle failure.

Nakshatra Sreekumar, the year-old student of Indian School Salalah, committed sui-cide by hanging herself at her home recently.

Speaking to Times of Oman, Sreekumar said that in the Gulf countries, people do not say no to their children and that is one of the reasons youngsters do not know the word failure.

I loved her and wanted to give her all the happiness in life. And when she did not fare well in a couple of subjects in her exami-nations, she could not take it, said Nakshatras father. She had set high goals for her-self.

There was never pressure from us, he added. Sreekumar also said that the children should be brought up in such a way so that they can face any situation. I failed to do that as I used to give her everything. And that is one of the reasons, perhaps, why I have lost my child, he told Times of Oman from India.

He said that many parents al-ways say yes to everything their children want. Loving your children means sometimes saying no. That is very important.

We know they will be hurt but that is the way of life. And that will prepare them for bigger things in life, he said.

Terming his daughter as a bright student of Class XI, he said she used to always excel in her studies. Her poem ti-tled, Why does nothing get into my head, was published in the Thursday magazine on August 2, At that time she was stud-ying in Grade 9 at Indian School Salalah.

On that fateful day, the par-ent-teacher meeting was sup-posed to take place. As she had not done well in two subjects the teachers had summoned us, but she did not tell us that on the rst day, said Sreekumar. She told them later and Sree-kumar came back home early to take her to school as his wife is a cardiac patient.

When he reached home he learnt that she was in her room while their younger daughter was studying in the hall.

Finding her room locked, I tried to open it, but it was locked from inside. Then I had to break it down with hammers and found her hanging, he said.

Nakshatras main aim was to qualify in the civil services exams and her hobby was reading books. My wife is not well so I have to look after her now, so I cannot promise when I will be back in Salalah, he said. His relatives said that both of them were suffering from acute depression ever since the incident.

I was shocked to hear of her death as she had taken part in all the activities of the school in-cluding pinning board and inter-house throw ball competition that day, he said.

ArvindGuptaToys Books Gallery Oman has been connected to the marine waters for generations and with more than 1, species of fish and an exciting variety of turtles and other sea creatures, the Sultanate is justly famous for its vibrant marine life, said Dr. It is that our fish, our marine biodiversity, our seas are key and essential parts of the life-support system of our planet.

She was also good in her stud-ies but lately had not been far-ing well in a couple of subjects. However, she had improved a lot compared to the rst term examination, which was a good sign, he said. One of Sreekumars friends, Dr Nishthar K.

Schools should encourage weak students to overcome their difficulty by paying extra atten-tion, said Dr Nishthar, who is also father of a student of Indian School Salalah. A shattered father whose daughter committed suicide, tells Times of Oman that children should be brought up in such a way that they can face any situation and be prepared to handle adverse circumstancesOman plans tenders for two more segments of rail projectA.

biman basu science writer willy

Oman is planning to oat tenders for building two more segments of the railway network this year, even as design for the entire network will be ready by the year-end, said a senior official of Oman Railway Company ORC.A summary and analysis of Modern American Literature, featuring writers such as,Henry Miller, John Dos Passos, John Steinbeck, Philip Roth, Saul Bellow, William.

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It has addiction property like heroin but not as strong. In addition, it may cause breathing problems,” Surajit Sinha, associate professor in the organic chemistry depart- ment at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science in Kol- kata, said.

The Science Café Series is an OAPGRC initiative designed to introduce Oman’s wealth of animal and plant genetic resources to the general public and share their possibilities and potential.

An interesting thing happened in Manipur. The public who were already thrilled with the prospects of seeing their favourite play on the celluloid requested Biman Chatterjee (playing a Manipuri character in the film) to demonstrate his acting skills at the Rupmahal Theatre, which he obliged.

Aug 01,  · EPA Science Inventory The report should be useful to persons concerned with Air Pollution Measurement Studies of Stationary Industrial Sources. It gives detailed descriptions of 22 separate programs, written specifically for the Hewlett Packard Model HP manually programmable pocket calculator.

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