Bohhh essay

The truth of the matter is that these are not two different traits, but a single quality which defines his approach to mankind and therefore to the purpose of art.

Bohhh essay

Can you make a leopard change his spot? Can you honestly make an ex-journalist think not like a journalist?

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You see…to be a good journalist…you have to be an expert in politics. You have to create no news to good or bad news. You have to keep silent…to see small issues turn to huge ones….

You have to be able to choose few machais and your right hand man to play the dirty game. What else can a ex journalist do…be a salesman…office manager…do real trading business??

So my friend…talk…try to convince…be tolerant…but bottom line…an All Blog Bohhh essay cannot be an ex-journalist…unless we see a miracle in the making to witness that journalist is truly a freedom fighter for the voices of the people of Malaysia. He has the personality. Philip Lau May 26, at 1: You may appear to be hard, but I think you are rather soft.

Bohhh essay

You are Bohhh essay ruthless like our Singapore Leader for the country to achieve of what it is today. Remember you are a Lady. The laws, especially defamation must be enforced at all costs.

Even if you ever manage to create such a fund, I must tell you in a single case will wipe out all your funds, most probably will lead the litigant defendants to bankruptcy for himself and trheir families. The former President of the Malaysian Bar Council will be able to tell you, as what I read in the news, he is now carrying a United Nation Passport as Judgement for millions against him are entered in the Malaysian Cort against him together with some other Singapore Characters who are all over the world.

I understand you again met him recently as I saw his photo in your blog. Remember, as a matter of fact, based on what you read in international and local publications, there is too much pressure, political influence, corruption and undesirable judges every where and in most of the countries, as stated in their recent reports.

For what I read and see, this would be a fornidable tasks for you and ktemoc to enforce. It will be impossible for a person of weak character to administer such an organisation.

Are both of you as dedicated to the cause? Only Time will will, I fear not. Most if not all these people died for their cause and belief.

I was fortunate to know a few of them when I was a school student and then a student teacher. One of them became the President of Singapore, Devon Nair, a teacher.

He clashed with Lee Kuan Yew and lost his job. You can read his articles frequently in our papers. A very brilliant man like his father.

A few of them are still kicking in their late eighties or early ninties residing in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Chin Peng and many others many of them are Malays were only front lines. Some of them were formerly Singaporeans. Your Government had back track their word and honour by refusing them to reurn to their country of birth inspiteof the Written Agreement.

You can never trust the Malaysian Government at all. I believe the Little Red Dot must at all times be vigilant, well armed, dedicated for their country with all the most uptodate latest and modern warfare weapons money can buy.Sep 24,  · "Bopha!" (which means to arrest or detain in Zulu) is based on a play by Percy Mtwa and is the first film directed by Morgan Freeman, whose acting career has included two Oscar nominations (" Street Smart " and " Driving Miss Daisy ") and who starred in " The Power of One " (), a much more innocent film about South Africa/5.

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Bohhh essay

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