Cancer essay outline

Short Essay on Breast Cancer Dr. Meenakshi Essay on Breast Cancer Breast cancer is the unwanted growth of cells in the breast tissues. It is mainly classified in two categories: Lobular carcinoma is the one that starts in the lobules of the breast while ductal carcinoma occurs in the ducts that carry milk from breasts to nipples.

Cancer essay outline

Since cancerous patient rates continue to increase, new studies have been tested in order to discover treatment for cancer. Two treatments that are responsible for being most effective in cancer research are chemotherapy and stem cells.

The two more recent treatments have provided researchers with a greater understanding of cancer including the sources and effective ways to prevent illness.

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Even though both treatments are effective, they are very complex and controversial. Cancer is life altering and people are diagnosed for some type of the disease every day. Since the number of cancerous patients is increasing, the number of people who get treatment increase.

Cancer has become more prevalent in due to unhealthy lifestyles people have. The graph to the left shows the projected increase for patients ever diagnosed with cancer from the year to Cancer has increased over the years due to causes such as genetics, smoking, radiation, viruses, alcohol, poor diet, and lack of physical activity.

Cancer essay outline

Cancer has taken the lives of many patients starting atdeaths in toin Due to prevention, early detection, and improved treatment, survivor rates have increased.

Cancer has affected men and women differently because of different bodily reactions. Because of this, women tend to have a higher death rate then men. Lung cancer is the second most common form of cancer.

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer for men in the U. The most common cancer between men and women is lung cancer: This is a total ofpeople with lung cancer. The previously mentioned treatments chemotherapy and stem cells have helped to treat lung cancer in numerous ways.

In the early stages of lung cancer, surgery is usually the first option to prevent the disease from developing in the lungs. If the cancer is too difficult to remove then chemotherapy is often used. Chemotherapy is the use of strong chemicals or drugs to kill cancer cells, stop their reproduction, or slow their growth.

The first use of chemotherapy was in Medicines were first used to treat parasitic diseases.

Cancer essay outline

Later, they were used for more serious illnesses such as malaria, amebiasis, trypanosomiasis, and schistosomiasis [1]. Andres Goth, an M. Chemotherapy may cause patients to vomit, become nauseated, lose hair, and get mouth sores.

Anderson Cancer center discusses the effects on cells: Unfortunately, though many substances have been found to interfere with the growth of cells, their use in chemotherapy has been limited by the fact that such substances attack both normal and malignant tissue.

But certain chemicals, when used cautiously, are able to impair the growth of neoplastic cells without irreparable damage to normal cells. An anonymous patient tells about the effect chemotherapy has had on their his with lung cancer: The chemo has messed with my nervous system and parts of my body feel numb and other parts burn for no reason.

I have 2 or 3 more scheduled chemo treatments, but I've been told that my lung cancer is treatable, but not curable and I honestly don't know if I can spend the rest of my life feeling so miserable. · Cancer is caused by several environmental factors such as exposure to air pollution and radon; however, the main cause of lung cancer is still the consumption of nicotine, which is the main component of How Friends, Family, and Friday Night Lights Helped Me Fight Cancer Facing a deadly diagnosis at age 34, TV writer Elisabeth R.

Finch thought she'd get through it the way she had everything else. · Leukemia is the general term used to describe four different disease-types called: Acute Myelogenous (AML), Acute Lymphocytic (ALL), Chronic Myleogenous (CML), and Chronic Lymphocytic (CLL).

AML, the most common type of leukemia, is an attacking cancer of Short Essay on Breast Cancer Dr. Meenakshi Advertisements: Essay on Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is the unwanted growth of cells in the breast tissues.

It is mainly classified in two categories: lobular carcinoma and ductal carcinoma. Lobular carcinoma is the one that starts in the lobules of the breast while ductal carcinoma occurs in the. Speech Outline Title: Breast cancer amongst women in the United States Specific Purpose: To inform the audience on the Symptoms/ Risk, Treatment, and how a person can possibly lower the risk of breast cancer.

Thesis Statement: Breast Cancer Essay. · Student Paper: Outline for Research Paper on Cancer Used by permission. Outline by Kiara Pronovost Introduction: Cancer is a deadly disease that affects many people.

D. Many touching stories of those who have lived and died E. Always remembered and respected I. What is Cancer? A. Cancer: Uncontrollable cell

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