Cloud provider business plan

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Cloud provider business plan

The company had been having problems differentiating from and competing with Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and Windows Azure, getting caught in price war between those giants.

But Nirvanix offered only storage services, and nothing more, so when things started to get crowded it had to bow out. Nirvanix was the pioneer of cloud storage, but at the end it only gave cloud provider business plan two weeks to retrieve and move their data. The danger that your SaaS provider could go out of business is real.

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Patrick Thibodeau quoted Gartner analyst William Maurer as saying he expects about one in four IT-service providers to declare bankruptcy, be bought out or go out of business. So what can you do if your SaaS provider goes belly up?

The traditional notion of going with the bigger players may have some wisdom because, honestly, can you imagine Amazon going out of business? But such an event is possible. Amazon experienced a widespread service outage in February.

The outage affected thousands of users on the U. Wait; go back to the start. The ideal time to think about getting out of a relationship with a cloud-service provider is before you start. Different service providers would have different terms. When a cloud-service provider goes bankrupt or out of business, you should know what will happen to your data.

Would you be able to get your data out? How would you be able to get your data out? With this consideration in mind, ensure your contract allows you to retrieve your data in a variety of ways. Those ways might include downloading all your data and applications or using a tape or disk archive. If you have your whole business in the cloud, however, you may find it difficult to download all that data.

cloud provider business plan

You could easily reach petabytes, but did you know that even using 1,Mbps GbE connections, downloading five terabytes of data can take more than 12 hourswithout taking into consideration network congestion and line problems?

You should also know your vendor's backup provisions. How often are backups transferred to another location? How far away is this location? How does the vendor encrypt data? And how does it restore these backups?

Can you do an incremental restoration, or do you have to restore everything? Lastly, how long does the vendor keep these backups? Find another cloud-service company. If your current SaaS provider goes belly up, the easiest way to get your data out is to find another cloud-service provider.

This new provider should be equipped to move your data from your current provider to its own systems. Still, if you have lots data, the transfer might mean going offline for a considerable amount of time.

cloud provider business plan

Find a company that can serve as an immediate backup should your current SaaS provider fails. You should have a sound data-recovery and business-continuity plans even for your cloud-based applications and customer data.

But traditional disaster-recovery services can be expensive and may be less reliable in preventing data loss or even the amount of time it takes to get your business back online.

Thankfully, there are services that offer you a cost-effective option. These services allow you to store source code and build instructions at two different sites, as well as have production servers that are ready to go live.

They also allow you to transfer SaaS data at regular intervals or as soon as you upload your data to your current SaaS provider. Get with the best practices. There are several best practices to ensure you minimize the negative effects if your current SaaS cloud provider shuts down.

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For instance, you could identify which of your data and applications are critical to your business and ensure that they are backed up safely.

These backups should be ready for use at any time. And although you may have your whole business in the cloud, you should still keep these data and applications on site using external devices as a backup.The Cloud Solution Provider program helps you go beyond reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s business.

When you meet with customers monthly, you will get an insider’s view of their business and uncover new sales opportunities. As the cloud market continues to soar, you. Citrix Networking solutions enable you to ensure cloud security in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

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Jun 05,  · 3. Having A Defined Strategy And Business Objectives. There is a multitude of reasons to migrate to the cloud: agility, flexibility, performance, cost, digital transformation, etc.

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