Crome yellow analysis

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Crome yellow analysis

Most people acquainted with Aldous Huxley would have encountered his work at some point during their school life, although rarely does one hear of the corpus extending itself beyond Brave New World.

Crome Yellow - Aldous Huxley makes love, not war

As an enthusiast of dystopian literature and cinema with a particular appreciation for HuxleyI found it embarrassing and boring to never have read beyond his most reputed work.

Published when Huxley was only twenty-seven years old, Crome Yellow is a story distinct from Brave New World, albeit being laced with allusions that subversively seep through the cracks and provide the reader with a glimpse into a dystopia that has yet to flower. Crome Yellow revolves around a slightly grave twenty-three year old Denis Stone, a writer desperate to experience literary recognition and requited love.

Each character eases from sombre complexity to hilarity with ease. Whilst Denis is serious and understated, Priscilla Wimbush is a flamboyant hostess with bouncy red hair, big pearly necklaces, and a budding interest in spiritualism and astrology.

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Her husband, Henry Wimbush, is the owner and proud historian of the house. Mary which should be her name of course is young, pure, inexperienced, and on a ridiculously fast-paced quest to get in touch with her sexuality with the help of Ivor Lombard, the sensual philanderer.

Anne Wimbush on the other hand is shrill, beautiful and almost charmingly condescending, and Mr. Among the other characters are Gombauld, a slightly sexist artist who seeks to find a higher art than abstraction, and Jenny, an elderly lady with a hearing impairment and an intriguing secret diary.

Some passages, particularly to do with satire, were very legible. The amalgamation of the lighthearted atmosphere and the erudite vocabulary made it a pleasant read, but also an educational one.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Crome Yellow

I found I read some sections at a slower pace due to the lengthy sentences and lack of proper formatting probably done purposefully. This resulted in some passages seeming endless, and whilst they might not have been in essence dull, took on the aspect of being so.

These sections deal specifically with the history of the Crome Yellow mansion as told by Henry Wimbush. At times it was noteworthy, and at others, it seemed too big and tedious of a side plot.

Above all else did I want to know what Jenny was spending all her time writing about in her irksome diary.

Crome yellow analysis

Ultimately, despite being slightly disappointed by the side plot, and having a few comments about the ending that I would love to discuss with anyone having read the book, I consider this novel to be a great work of art, and a great comedy. As a final note, I do not personally consider the book to be set in a dystopian world, although that is always debatable, but rather dealing only with the possibility of a hypothetical dystopia.

Crome yellow analysis

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