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Ikea leadership

Contact Author Ingvar Kamprad is the perfect example of a charismatic leader. IKEA is the perfect example of a successful family business.

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A family business has special features that clearly depict its business model and culture, when compared to other business models. It is important to mention that one of the characteristics of a family business like IKEA is that the workforce feels that they are part of the family, feeling identified and committed with the organization, boosting their dedication and thus, their performance.

Kamprad has always been the visible head of the organization. Therefore, IKEA is a family business with a very unique and differentiated company culture, fundamentally influenced by Ingvar Kamprad.


Kamprad soon realized that the best way to get the best out of his employees was to set an example by encouraging hard work mixed with strict business ethics. Clearly, Kamprad is in line with Transformational Leadership.

Ikea leadership

In addition to his attributed charisma, there are four key elements that are characteristic of Transformational Leadership This as a result can transform in a higher productivity rate. However, Kamprad also has some features that belong to a more autocratic leadership style where the ultimate decision belongs to him following his vision, probably because this is, as we mentioned earlier, a family business with a strong entrepreneurial character.

Summarizing, Ingvar Kamprad is the perfect example of Transformational Leader, but as an incomplete leader, he also owns some individualistic characteristics that belong to a Transactional leader.IKEA is a global company, is it challenging exporting your values-based leadership model to stores and managers in other nations that may have different cultural values?

Feb 28,  · Learn how IKEA’s Founder, Ingvar Kamprad’s generous purpose defines the authentic role of Corporate Social Responsibility. Social responsibility has .

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IKEA: Leadership Leads to Product Innovation and Globalization Human Resource Management 0 IKEA: Leadership Leads to Product Innovation and Globalization IKEA is a worldwide furniture retailer which sells ready-to-assemble furniture.

The IKEA story started in by its founder „Ingvar Kamprad. May 01,  · IKEA is the perfect example of a successful family business. We need to question whether in a family business; the leadership style is influenced by the company culture, structure, and business model/operational strategy, or the other way attheheels.coms: 4.

The current IKEA leadership practices and patterns are based on leadership principles and life philosophy of its founder Ingvar Kamprad.

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Known to practice transformational and charismatic leadership styles, Ingvar Kamprad has been a driving force for many decades behind the phenomenal success of the. Executive Summary.

Ingvar Kamprad, the late IKEA founder, leaves behind him an impressive legacy. But often business success stories are attributed to a single, charismatic leader, when the truth.

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