Moon outline

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Moon outline

In addition to those twelve full lunar cycles, each solar calendar year contains roughly eleven days more than the lunar year of 12 lunations. The extra days accumulate, so every two or three years 7 times in the year Metonic cyclethere is Moon outline extra full moon.

Lunisolar calendars have rules about when to insert such an intercalary of embolismic "leap" month, and what name it is given; e.

The term "blue moon" comes from folklore. Different traditions and conventions place the extra "blue" full moon at different times in the year. It is thought that historically when the moon's timing was too early, they named an earlier moon as a "betrayer moon" belewe moonthus the Lent moon came at its expected time.

Moon outline

A moon that came too early had no folk name, and was called a blue moon, retaining the correct seasonal timings for future moons. If a season had four full moons, then the third full moon was named a blue moon. A "blue moon" is also used colloquially to mean "a rare event", reflected in the phrase "once in a blue moon".

The most literal meaning of blue moon is when the moon not necessarily a full moon appears to a casual observer to be unusually bluish, which is a rare event.

The effect can be caused by smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, as has happened after forest fires in Sweden and Canada in and ,[ and after the eruption of Krakatoa inwhich caused the moon to appear blue for nearly two years.

Other less potent volcanos have also turned the moon blue.

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People saw blue moons in after the eruption of the El Chichon volcano in Mexico, and there are reports of blue moons caused by Mt. Helens in and Mount Pinatubo in On September 23,several muskeg fires that had been smoldering for several years in Alberta, Canada suddenly blew up into major—and very smoky—fires.

Winds carried the smoke eastward and southward with unusual speed, and the conditions of the fire produced large quantities of oily droplets of just the right size about 1 micrometre in diameter to scatter red and yellow light.

Wherever the smoke cleared enough so that the sun was visible, it was lavender or blue. Ontario, Canada and much of the east coast of the U. The key to a blue moon is having lots of particles slightly wider than the wavelength of red light 0.

Moon outline

This is rare, but volcanoes sometimes produce such clouds, as do forest fires. Ash and dust clouds thrown into the atmosphere by fires and storms usually contain a mixture of particles with a wide range of sizes, with most smaller than 1 micrometre, and they tend to scatter blue light.

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This kind of cloud makes the moon turn red; thus red moons are far more common than blue moons.The outline below will give you a good point to start from, and with experience and further knowledge you can tailor it to something which suits you.

Preparation. I have come here on this full moon night to worship the old Gods. Consecrating the Elements. Moon Outline.

Long and Short Term Causes of Moon Landing i. Establish Lunar Base - Wernher von Braun idea ii. Moon exploration program started during Eienhower era iii. Soviet success with Yuri Gagarin being put into space caused Kennedy to search for program to catch Americas imagination iv/5(1).

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This printable crescent moon template pairs well with the printable star shapes you can find and download from this site. I’ll also be uploading some planet shapes so stay tuned for that update. In the crescent moon download you’ll get four PDF pages: A page with one large crescent moon.

A page with two medium-sized moons. Repeat this activity three more times for the first quarter moon, full moon, and second quarter moon. Have students label each outline “New Moon,” “First Quarter Moon,” “Full Moon,” and “Second Quarter Moon.” Have students use their observation skills and prior knowledge to help them remember the different phases.

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