Multiple lawsuits filed against ford for firestone tire accidents and deaths

Firestone refused to recall the approximately 5. Firestone estimated that approximately 6. The recall came after only after intense public scrutiny including multiple House and Senate hearings on who knew what and when. Information uncovered in the Congressional hearings show both Ford and Firestone had early knowledge of tread separation in Firestone tires on Ford Explorers and other Ford vehicles.

Multiple lawsuits filed against ford for firestone tire accidents and deaths

Illustration by Eric Millikin This article first appeared on Jalopnik. Call it a textbook American vacation: Their destination was Disney World, and with his wife, Shirley, his son and daughter-in law and two grandchildren in tow, Woods' trip would surely be one to remember.

But on the return home for the Alabama family, the vacation took an abrupt turn for disaster. The nearly foot-long vehicle then hit a direction sign, slid across the entranceway for a rest area, and struck a second embankment, before finally coming to a stop.

Both Woods' wife and his daughter-in-law suffered broken backs; his son, a broken hip. His two grandchildren were uninjured, but the crash left Woods paralyzed. Several months later, he died as a result of complications from his injuries, according to the family's lawyer.

Multiple lawsuits filed against ford for firestone tire accidents and deaths

The tire that burst was a Goodyear G It was a tire that was designed for lower-speed delivery vehicles and, according to the suits, shouldn't have been equipped on RVs at all, a tire that lawyers and victims say is responsible for scores of crashes over the past two decades.

It should have been recalled or fixed, they say, but it never was, thanks to an exhaustive legal campaign by Goodyear that kept plaintiffs from knowing the details of just how bad the G really was.

In a lawsuit filed later against Goodyear, the Woods family accused the company of selling a defective tire that had been marketed to recreational motorhome makers, even though it knew the G couldn't handle highway speeds when equipped on an RV. When equipped on motorhomes — commonly used for travel on highways at speeds well above 65 mph — the tires were prone to heat-induced failure, the lawsuits allege, and as early asRV owners across the U.


Those numbers are almost certainly higher in reality: Jalopnik reviewed hundreds of state and federal court filings and tabulated for the first time the number of known fatalities linked to G blowouts and tread separations.

Supreme Court — the G was made untilwhen Goodyear stopped production of the tire. Some deaths and injuries weren't even reported to federal safety officials, and no recall has ever been ordered. Part of that has to do with Goodyear's aggressive effort to settle cases, handled by company attorneys who withheld crucial data from plaintiffs, according to a federal judge's ruling.

And by getting settlements, complaints and claim data sealed, America's auto safety regulator says it was prevented from launching an investigation that could've prompted a recall — until now. In a filing posted Jan. The agency added that data "produced in litigation was sealed under protective orders and confidential settlement agreements, precluding claimants from submitting it to NHTSA.

Goodyear will cooperate fully with NHTSA in its investigation, but we cannot comment further due to the pending litigation. It's not an issue of heat, Goodyear counters, it's user error — deflated tires, an RV that's overloaded, hitting road debris.

But compared to defective products from some of the biggest auto scandals in history, the G's failure rate is astonishing and "unheard of for consumer products," as one court filing put it. It even eclipses the defective Firestone tires that ensnared Ford in a nationwide scandal some 20 years ago.

A motorist directly told Goodyear in about the safety of the tires, after two Gs on their Winnebago fell apart, including one that had only been used for 5, miles.

The G's initial tread life is designed to last at least 60, miles, records show. And if you're wondering why NHTSA has taken nearly 20 years to investigate the safety of the G, their case is a helpful starting point. In Junethe Haegers were traveling in the family's foot motorhome along Interstate 25 in New Mexico at posted highway speeds when, suddenly, the right front tire blew out.

At the wheel was year-old LeRoy Haeger, who was unable to control the vehicle. The RV swerved to the right, off the freeway, over an embankment, before skidding along on its side and coming to a stop.

In the back of the motorhome were Donna and Suzanne Haeger. Donna Haeger had multiple fractures — wrist, jaw, ankle, toes — and spent two months homebound in a wheel chair with her jaw wired shut. She suffered permanent facial nerve damage and has trouble eating. Suzanne Haeger suffered head trauma and lost 60 percent of her left arm's function, the suit said.

The family's Great Dane flew through the windshield, but ended up with only minor injuries. The Haegers aren't open to being interviewed by reporters, Kurtz said.

According to the complaint, LeRoy Haeger was trapped between the steering wheel and the seat, and his right leg nearly torn apart below the knee.Despite the accidents and the litany of lawsuits — including one that eventually went up to the U.S.

Supreme Court — the G was made until , when Goodyear stopped production of the tire. When a group of attorneys were selected that engineered the resolution of lawsuits involving Ford Motor Co. and Firestone Tire Rubber Co., the resulting litigation was an example of an auto defect.

Numerous class-action lawsuits were filed against Ford accusing them of using the system to weed out employees on biases of skin color, age and gender - not because of job performance.

One of the suits accused Ford of systematically forcing out white males to satisfy minority quotas. Firestone and Ford tire controversy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. found documents showing that Ford had been replacing Firestone tires in Venezuela starting in where 46 deaths had occurred.

Firestone was aware of tire defects in Venezuela as early as A large number of lawsuits were filed against both Ford and Firestone. Product liability lawsuits were filed in the early ’s on Explorer rollovers caused by Firestone tire failures.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began receiving consumer complaints in and provided Ford and Firestone with summaries of all such complaints as part of its standard policy.

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Ford Explorer-Firestone Tire. the number of lawsuits and Explorer rollover accidents had reached such a critical mass that local media in Texas, California and Florida began to investigate and contact. This lawsuit is the first ever filed by CAS against auto/tire industry companies and reflects our concerns over the design of these.

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