News writing and reporting exercises you can do at work

Broadcast stories are written to be read aloud.

News writing and reporting exercises you can do at work

Higher Education Comment Card Exercise 3: Write only a lead for each of the following stories. As always, correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and AP style if necessary. Consult the directory in your textbook for the correct spelling of names used in the scenarios.

There was an accident occurring in your city at 7: Lydon was driving north on Post Road and proceeded to enter the intersection in his van at a speed estimated at 40 mph. His van struck a fire engine responding to an emergency call, with its lights and siren in operation.

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Two firemen aboard the vehicle were hospitalized; however, their condition is not known at this point in time. Lyden was killed instantly in the serious and tragic accident.

Authorities have not yet determined who was at fault. The truck was traveling an estimated 25 mph and responding to a report of a store fire. However, it was a false alarm. Lydons van was totally destroyed. There was a report issued in Washington, D.

It shows that there are advantages to driving big cars. A study by the institute found that small two-door models and many small or midsize sport or specialty cars have the worst injury and repair records.

Many of these small cars show injury claim frequencies and repair losses at least 30 percent higher than average, while many large cars, station wagons and vans show 40 percent to 50 percent better-than-average claim records. According to the analysis, a motorist in a four-door Oldsmobile Delta 88, for example, is 41 percent less likely than average to be hurt in an accident.

An article appeared today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article concerns the dangers of hot dogs. He concluded that children under 4 should "never be given a whole hot dog to eat," and that hot dogs should never be cut crosswise.

The hot dogs are so dangerous that every five days, it is estimated, someone, somewhere in the United States, chokes to death on them. Other risky foods for young kids up to 9 years of age include: The family of Kristine Belcuore was grief-stricken.

She was 51 years old and died of a heart attack last week. She left a husband and four children. Because her death was so sudden and unexpected, an autopsy had to be performed before the funeral last Saturday.

More than friends and relatives were in attendance. Today, the family received an apologetic call from the county medical examiner.

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Belcuors body is still in the morgue. The body they buried was that of a woman whose corpse had been unclaimed for a month. The error was discovered after the medical examiners office realized the month-old corpse had disappeared.

Someone probably misread an identifying tag, they said. Also, the family never viewed the remains, they kept the casket closed throughout the proceedings.

A relative said, "We went through all the pain and everything, all over the wrong body, and now we have to go through it again. For years, researchers thought that advanced education translated into greater marriage stability.From here you should go back to the work you do as a journalist and see how you can make decisions in real life.

Above all, enjoy doing the exercises. The only person watching and judging your ability is .

news writing and reporting exercises you can do at work

You have to spend one year stranded on a deserted island, you can bring 5 things or people with you, what do you bring.

You are a superhero, you have to use your powers to make a . Report writing & Factual Description Report Writing A report can be written for a news paper or a magazine. In a report an event, which can be a planned one, an . News Writing and Reporting: The Complete Guide for Today's Journalist, Second Edition, uses a multitude of reporting and writing examples from print, broadcast and online sources in order to deconstruct and reveal journalistic practices, techniques and philosophy to today's students.

News Reporting/Writing. Instructor: Leonard Witt, Assistant Professor. on the clarity and conciseness of your writing; and on spelling, punctuation and word use. All stories and class exercises must be typed, double-spaced Also keep a portfolio of all your work so you can better monitor your own progress and have a nice record of what.

"This introductory text combines the "whys" of journalism with the "how-tos." Students are guided toward mastery of the finer points of reporting, beat coverage, and news writing, while also gaining awareness of the important role journalists serve in a democratic society.

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