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There has long been elegance and prestige associated with a fine watch made with precious metals and jewels. Originally, finely crafted, precision mechanical timepieces also served a serious need in accurate timekeeping needed to facilitate travel and communications across moderate to significant distances. But now, technology has made it possible to have an accurate wristwatch as the free toy in a fast-food kid's meal. Yet the aspects of watches as fine functional jewelry with poetic and nostalgic ties to their origins remain.

Research on omega watches

The movements found in those Type 20 watches are made, in alphabetical order, by: Hanhart The Hanhart caliber 42used in the and ES wristwatches, is a close parent of the movement used by Vixa, which parts were given to France by the German company as war reparations after World War II.

It was developed aroundand produced between and In turn, the Hanhart is heavily inspired by the Landeron caliber 2 and caliber 3 from the s, and uses many similar parts sourced from common suppliers. The movement in the Vixa is slightly different Research on omega watches the one in the Hanhart: Lemania The movement used by Auricoste in their Type 20 chronographs is known as the caliberwhich appears to be a Lemania 15TL.

As far as I know, only Auricoste used the denomination for this movement, which is not part of the official Lemania nomenclature. Interestingly, however, one can see LWO Lemania Watch l'Orient engraved right above on the main plate, under the balance wheel.

Valjoux The most common Type 20 movement is clearly the Valjouxwhich is a modified Valjoux 22 one of the very first wristwatch chronograph movements with flyback complication. This is a very sturdy movement, but its spare parts are becoming hard to find. It was used by Breguet and Dodane in the military field.

Many Valjoux movements and variants have been used in this series of military watches. The movement number is usually engraved on the main plate, under the balance wheel.

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The Valjoux is the Valjoux 22 with added flyback function. Apparently, at the request of Breguet, Valjoux made a version of this movement with a minute register. This version was only used by Breguet.

The Breguet version of the Valjoux is quite different, as it does not have a Breguet overcoil, nor an anti-shock device. It may actually be a Valjoux 22 re-engineered by Breguet to add the Flyback function which is rather odd.

This would also explain the lack of hairspring protection on those Breguet-fitted movements. The Valjoux is a Valjoux with a third sub-dial: More first-hand information would be appreciated.

The Valjoux is a rare movement only used by Dodane, in their Type It has been produced to around pieces. However, I see no obvious difference between the Valjoux and The CK houses the Omega caliber movement, with a column wheel chronograph.

This Lemania (caliber ) based movement went out of production in when Omega introduced the Speedmaster Professional The Speedmaster Mark Series consists of four distinct different "Marks" that in some cases (pardon the pun) spawned their own offshoots.

Research on omega watches

This is the model most people "think" is the second flightmaster. I think it's the 4th. The case is identical to that of the Interestingly, Sandy Blaser (above) states that the appears in a Omega Catalogue, however the Omega Museum, in Switzerland, list a pair of in their collection.

The new-for Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer reference is the modern – and, until now, quite fat – Speedmaster Moonwatch put on a diet. Yeah, right, it’s just as wide from the front, but very noticeably slimmer in its profile.

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