Riordan manufacturing virtual organization and accounting systems

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Riordan manufacturing virtual organization and accounting systems

San Jose has a license for a fully integrated Windows based ERP manufacturing, distribution and financial management software application specifically designed for plastics processors and process and assembly manufacturers.

Riordan manufacturing virtual organization and accounting systems

The license does not include application source code. The vendor is no longer in business. Consolidated close of the General Ledger and subsequently the Income Statement and Balance Sheet is labor intensive and normally not completed until days after month end.

Audit to include external auditors is required each month and is costly and labor intensive. Compliance with new government required reporting requirements at the consolidated level is difficult at best.

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This situation is transparent to customers and suppliers as each operating entity has maintained invoicing, payments, etc.

Sales and Marketing The firm is attempting to consolidate customer information to deliver better value to the customer. The firm has historical records in many disparate databases, as well as in paper files and microfiche. Below is a listing of information the firm has available to consolidate into a CRM system.

Historical Sales Riordan has a system to track historical sales. In the past, most sales data was recorded using paper and pencil. In the last few years, the firm has managed the information electronically.

Information available includes the following: Dates including order, delivery, and payment dates by order. Unit and dollar volume of each product including plastic bottles, fans, heart valves, medical stents, and custom plastic parts rolled up to be examined by product group and customer.

Sales by customer to include price paid, cost, margin, and discount given. As a result, past marketing plans and results from past market research studies are stored in a file cabinet in the marketing department.

The firm has a showcase in the lobby to display the various design awards earned.

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The firm is assessing the possibility of hiring a part-time college student to scan the documents electronically. Sales Database The company has 15 — 20 major customers, including a government contract for fans.

The firm has 12 minor customers. Some sales team members use paper and pencil, others sales management software such as Act, and others a hybrid. In order to better understand and anticipate customer needs, the firm is evaluating a new integrated customer management system to accompany the new team selling approach that will be soon rolled out.

Production Records The production plan maintains records of the number of units produced of each item by shift, which can be rolled up to the product group and year.

Profit and Loss Statements by Item and Group The marketing department, with the support of the finance and production departments, maintains profit and loss statements, by item and by group.

Marketing Budget The firm has historical and current annual budget allocations for marketing communications and marketing research. Marketing Communications activities include: This objective was developed collaboratively with Dr.Resources: Riordan Virtual Organization, Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy, and Competitive Advantages Paper Scenario: The board of directors for Riordan Manufacturing has asked your team to create a strategic plan for the organization.

Create a unique strategic plan for Riordan Manufacturing applying what you learned in the course discussions, readings, and your research. Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization run, I think I handled the situation, by bringing this to the attention of and finding a better way to protect our coworkers, and making sure the handbook explains the process of harassment better and make people better away of things.

BSA Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Paper and Presentation Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Finalize and submit a to page paper that summarizes. BSA Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Paper and Presentation.

Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Finalize and submit a to page paper that summarizes Riordan Manufacturing’s financial state. Include what should be included in the accounting systems, and the systems that should be connected to the accounting system.

Riordan manufacturing virtual organization and accounting systems

Riordan Manufacturing – Hardware and Software Introduction One of the top priorities at Riordan and many other businesses is guarding against loss, theft, and waste of the company assets.

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