Ruby bridges writing assignment crossword

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Ruby bridges writing assignment crossword

Suppose all the bridges in a large city New York City, for example were closed. What effect would that have on that city?

ruby bridges writing assignment crossword

What are some specific ways that people would adapt to not using bridges? Discuss how each of the three basic types of bridges—suspension, beam, and arch—transfers loads from the bridge to the ground.

Describe where tension and compression occur on each type of bridge. Many bridges are icons for their city or region. Why do you think people associate certain bridges with certain cities, while other bridges seem unremarkable?

Compare and contrast a beam bridge and an arch bridge. List at least three ways they are similar and three ways they are different. Describe ways that technology can be used to make monitoring and inspection of bridges more efficient and effective.

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The earthquake in October in the San Francisco Bay area caused great structural damage to many of the bridges in the area. What features would you design as part of a bridge to make it better able to withstand an earthquake? Evaluation You can evaluate groups on their projects using the following three-point rubric: Have your students prepare posters or multimedia presentations on famous bridges from around the country and world.

Students should include in their presentations descriptions of the designs and features of the bridges, including pictures or diagrams and brief descriptions of the areas in which the bridges are located.

They should also include brief histories of how and why the bridges were built and the current uses and states of the bridges, including any repair plans. You might also ask them to include any famous cultural references to bridges, like quotes from poems or songs "London Bridge is falling down," for example.

An excellent starting point for finding information is Netscape's Bridge Search. Constructing with Bridges in Mind Some engineering principles used in bridge building are also used in the design and construction of other structures.

Ask your students to research the three primary types of bridges and investigate how these engineering principles are used in the design and construction of other structures. Then have them build models of structures, incorporating one or more of these engineering principles in their designs.

In addition to building models, students should write explanations of the engineering principles they discovered and the ways in which they incorporated those principles into their projects. When their models and explanations are complete, have the students present their work to the class.- ruby bridges movie questions fry word list assessment dia de los muertos word number line homework assignment template kindergarten story writing paper food web crossword puzzle writing journal cover place value games printable.

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Important Announcements way the authors of "Ruby Integrates William Frantz School" and "Tale of Courage" address the events surrounding Ruby Bridges's first day integrating into William Frantz School. Writing Mid-term-Friday 1/6/17 you have two periods to.

Bridges are categorized into three primary types: suspension, beam, and arch. 2. Each is designed and built according to certain principles of engineering. Materials. Students will need research materials on bridge engineering, including a computer with Internet access.

Each group will . Black History Month Printable Worksheets I abcteach provides over 49, worksheets page 1 A ten page biographical unit on the civil rights leader, with reading comprehensions, a crossword puzzle, and a word search.


Finish Ruby Bridges Writing Assignment Monday, April 4, SUB DAY Tuesday, April 5, Crossword (Review vocab and chapters) Friday, May 6, Warm up (Reflection) .

Find Rosa Parks lesson plans and worksheets. Showing 1 - of resources. Rosa Parks 4th - 6th Students investigate racism by completing a writing assignment. In this civil rights lesson, students research facts about Rosa Parks in order to write a newspaper article about her.

They listen to a read aloud of "The Story of Ruby.

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