Security preparation in shopping malls

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Security preparation in shopping malls

Nairobi attack may trigger tighter security at malls worldwide Ilaina JonasMark Hosenball 4 Min Read Reuters - The deadly attack on a high-end Nairobi shopping mall on Saturday put the safety of malls around the world into the spotlight and could trigger moves to improve security and make it more visible.

People scramble for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree at Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, September 21, Some of the changes that may be made include bringing in off-duty police officers into the mall, putting more non-uniformed security officers into uniform, and more closely coordinating with local police departments.

Security preparation in shopping malls

The Westgate mall has several Israeli-owned outlets and is frequented by prosperous Kenyans and foreigners.

BGI, based in the U. Kavanagh said that U. In November10 gunmen went on a three-day killing spree in Mumbai, attacking two luxury hotels, a train station and a Jewish center, among other places in the Indian city. Slideshow 2 Images In the United States, a source at one of the biggest mall owners said that the company is constantly focused on safety and security, not just after events such as the one in Kenya.

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The source said that shoppers can see some elements of security, while others are not visible. The safety and security of our guests remains a top priority. Simon Property Group, the largest owner of U.An Assessment of the Preparedness of Private Security in Shopping Malls to Prevent and Respond to Terrorist Attack Since the events of September 11, , security concerns have figured prominently in the national agenda.

Ask mall or store security for an escort before leaving your shopping location. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) If you must use an ATM, choose one that is located inside . Shopping malls are also testing out software that will scan license plates in the parking lot and notify security if they are registered to anyone on the terrorist watch list.

Complex Operating Environment—Shopping Malls Shopping malls are typically readily accessible by the public, mass transit and delivery vehicles, they are frequented by large crowds, and they are likely considered appealing soft SECURITY AND RESPONSE PREPARATION: First responders and security personnel may consider.

Shopping in crowded malls while carrying multiple bags and items can make shoppers a target for criminals. If you are shopping alone, do not hesitate to ask security to escort you to your vehicle, especially at night. 3.

Security preparation in shopping malls

Do not leave valuables in We at Hirschfeld Apartment Homes in Maryland believe preparation is the key. The better.

The security team was reinforced, and continues to go through regular training sessions provided by G4S, focusing on customer service, and the use of examples of incidents that have previously taken place within the mall.

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