Should the past be judged

If God has forgiven us of all our sins, then when Judgment day come, what will we be judge on? And you can also be very sure God will rescue the children of the godly. Every sin will definitely be judged, so also no sinner will go without being judged. The righteous will also have their part.

Should the past be judged

Should the past be judged

Originally Posted by Felix C I do not think we should judge at all whether contemporary, near contemporary to distant nor ancient. The conditioning people experience is different than ours which is unique.

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I do believe any of us have the capacity for similar savagery if we are sufficiently stressed or conditioned. Read this extremely well documented thesis on U.

Army POW shootings in the ETO to see how stress reduces modern humans we can identify with to exhibit behavior we would not condone. The current laws and customs of either the society, state or nations would be applicable.

In the time period the bible is based on, especially the old testamant, the wars between the small kingdoms was very brutal, but it was a general expectation.

Genocide wasn't unusual since if there was no enemy left to want revenge you were safer. The Romans rewrote conquest in a very real way when they presented towns and proviences they took with two options.

Either be destroyed or join. Join meant you got nice roads in to bring trade, and peace with your neighbors, and generally lots of opportunities.

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Nor did they change local laws and leaders. All you had to do was support Roman exterior policy. Its the major reason that Rome grew such a large empire, since it didn't pillage as a given. And yes, we are wired to adjust on a dime. There is the Stanford Prison Experiment. They took ordinary young college students, and put them in a prison setting.

Some were prisoners and some guards.

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It was terminated early because things got out of hand so quickly. It should be studied in more than psych classes since it shows that we are very succeptable to our environment, and especially under extremes, can fall into roles most never think they would.

I love post apociliptic fiction since it shows just how easily we can change when the world around us does.[image via FaceFwd]. In his “I have a dream speech”, Martin Luther King Jr. said this. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Should Odysseus Be Judged for His Violence Towards the Suitors? Should the Past Be Judged? Essay Words | 10 Pages. Should the Past be Judged?

We can learn a lot from consulting the past.

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We learn more about our world, more about our history, and even more about ourselves. More about Should Odysseus Be Judged for His Violence. Finally, the legislature should pass a bill to reform the partisan judicial elections that have saddled the state with a judiciary in which basic accountability still comes as a shock.

If Miss America contestants really want to be judged on their brains and not their bodies, they should go and study neuroscience Lady Kitty Spencer explores China's imperial past and parties. In their eyes, they should be elected and supported by billionaires and companies who pay them lot's of money and in return they vote for whatever they want.

It's completely anti-American. It's a joke that they've tried to latch onto this patriotic label when they're anything but.

By Alison Wildey. LONDON (Reuters) - England striker Wayne Rooney has the potential to be one of the standout players of the World Cup in Brazil and should not be judged on his past disciplinary problems, said manager Roy Hodgson.

Should the past be judged
People should not be judged by colour of cloth: spokesman