Strategic management case studies questions and answers

Reputed companies like Apple, Nike and Google foster an internal culture of secrecy and even leak information strategically to fuel public excitement before a product launch. How companies listen to their customers Jun 3, Customer insight matters to every company.

Strategic management case studies questions and answers

In thinking about intelligence, Sherman Kent began with an understanding of national power that was well within the mainstream of contemporary American strategic thought.

For if strategic intelligence takes as its touchstone the whole of state interests and the sources of state power, then understanding the purpose and manner in which other states use their intelligence resources to gain advantage and mastering the capability to counter them would seem to be the other side of the strategic intelligence coin.

Yet to the extent strategic counterintelligence CI is addressed within CI or intelligence circles, it is controversial, poorly understood, and even more poorly executed because it does not fit comfortably within the existing architecture and approach to counterintelligence as it has developed within the United States.

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Even though it has been six years since the office of the National Counterintelligence Executive NCIX was created to lead and integrate the US counterintelligence enterprise, at present we have neither the ability to perform the mission of strategic counterintelligence nor a common understanding of what it means, much less an appreciation of its value to national security.

In my view, the US CI community is at a crossroads. Either strategic counterintelligence is a theoretical construct with little to no place in the real world of US intelligence, in which case we really do not need a national level effort to direct it; or it is a compelling national security mission.

If it is the latter, we are losing precious time and advantage and should get on with the job. Sound security measures are unquestionably vital, but they can only carry protection so far.

One can pile on so much security that no one can move, and still there will be a purposeful adversary looking for ways to get what he wants. The tradecraft of counterintelligence and its several tactical functions, which are properly within the separate cognizance and competence of units within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Defense, have well established objectives and processes that are not at issue here.

There are three predicates upon which a strategic CI mission would rest.

Strategic management case studies questions and answers

First, the foreign intelligence threat is strategic, meaning that states use their intelligence resources purposefully to gain advantage over the United States and to advance their interests.

Second, strategic intelligence threats cannot be defeated through ad hoc measures alone. The threats must be countered by a strategic response.

And third, there must be a national level system that integrates and coordinates diverse programs, resources, and activities to achieve common strategic objectives.

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The Threat Is Strategic Foreign intelligence operations against the United States are now more diffuse, more aggressive, more technologically sophisticated, and potentially more successful than ever before.

In recent years, we have seen a growing number of intelligence operations within our borders, facilitated by an extensive foreign presence that provides cover for intelligence services and their agents.

Traditional foes, building on past successes, are continuing efforts to penetrate the US government, while waves of computer intrusions into sensitive US government information systems have confounded efforts to identify their sources. We have also seen apparent attempts by foreign partners to exploit cooperative endeavors against terrorist groups to obtain essential secrets about US intelligence and military operations.

In addition, a market in US national security secrets has emerged that, among other things, enables foreign practices of deception and denial to impair US intelligence collection.

And perhaps most troubling, growing foreign capabilities to conduct influence and other covert operations threaten to undermine US allies and national security interests.

Strategic management case studies questions and answers

The proliferation of clandestine intelligence services is a striking feature of the modern international security environment. At the start of the 20th century, no state had a standing external intelligence service; today there is scarcely a government that does not have one.

And we are only just beginning to understand their modern potential as an extension of state power. As one student of the concept put it:Zynga is one of the world’s most successful mobile game companies, with a collection of hit games—including Words With Friends, Zynga Poker, and FarmVille—that to date have been installed by more than one billion players worldwide.

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In the company made a strategic decision to move from AWS to its own private cloud infrastructure. Four years later it returned certain workloads to AWS.

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