The disadvantages of being a singaporean citizen

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The disadvantages of being a singaporean citizen

In fact, if you are a foreigner in Malaysia, you are much more protected than a non-bumi in Malaysia. So, join the club and renounce your citizenship. You are disingenuous in your reply: They have the protection of their respective governments just like you who are now a foreigner in Malaysia.

Your statement is prejudiced and incorrect Fundamentally, I believe you are annoyed and begrudge the positive discrimination given to the base inhabitants of Malaysia.

You may argue who are the base inhabitants. There was no animosity between the groups. The later immigrants brought in by the colonialists had to work hard to survive. They knew no other way. Who can blame the locals with a cultural and satisfactory life, for resisting change.

I will not sink into the depths of being derogatory with a few choice words I have. Of course the immigrant mentality sized on opportunities to better themselves. They came to seek a better life. Who could blame them for this? But the new migrants who, even to this day run the economy, refuse to integrate.

Disadvantages of Singapore Citizenship One of the topic we talked about is the thought of converting to Singapore Citizen. We had our degree done in Singapore and have worked in Singapore for few years now.
Advantages of Singapore Citizenship Leave Benefits Maternity Leave You are entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave if your child is a Singapore Citizen.
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My in-laws, never mixed with locals, until their daughter married one forty years ago You only have to open your eyes to see the reality. Maybe you are too young to remember the race riots of Today most bumies are employed in the government service.

Ask them about their salaries and then come down to earth in terms of equality etc. I believe that when there is true and real equal opportunities for all in a non discriminatory environment, will there be real satisfaction.

This can only happen when despotism in the economic ambit ceases. In a Capitalist world, opportunities for exploitation come to the very fore. In that world you come under the category of being exploited.

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Enjoy your new club. He's born in Malaysia and since I'm Malaysian, he got citizenship automatically. But my husband is an Australian, hence our son got Australian citizenship and passport. Now the immigration department is asking me why so when the answer is clearly because it was an automatic given citizenship and not by choice.

Do you know how to go about this? The law is very clear. Malaysia does not allow dual nationality. It however recognises Permanent Residence PR in another country.

The disadvantages of being a singaporean citizen

Malaysia's nationality laws are very contradictory in this sense. Having an Australian Passport has caused him to loose this given right of being a Malaysian subject. Your son's birth certificate, apart from automatic Australian Citizenship via his dad, also gives him Australian PR.

This I believe would have sufficed, until he was old enough to make up his own mind.

Your position is a difficult one. Immigration Officers are only applying the law of the land.I've heard of scare stories that not having a citizenship there means the government will forfeit any inheritance I may be entitled to or being taxed something ridiculous like 50% on property sold/transferred out of the country.

Advantages of Singapore Citizenship Singapore Passport Travel Freedom.

The disadvantages of being a singaporean citizen

When HDB flats are being upgraded by the Government, Citizens pay only a fraction of the costs while Permanent Residents have to incur the entire cost. Disadvantages of Singapore Citizenship. benefits and drawbacks of singapore citizenship Submitted by farhan on Fri, 06/06/ - pm There are several benefits of becoming a Singapore Citizen – the ease of travelling with a Singapore passport and benefits in education, health-care, housing and employment.

Experts at Ireland company registration. Summary of Irish companies. Benefits, disadvantages and best uses of an Ireland company. Feb 13,  · Ask the Malaysian PR holders.

Being a foreigner born in Japan

None are keen being a Singapore citizen. Before you become one, find out if your country allows you back. If yes, then you can enjoy the benefits of Singapore citizenship and give it up when you retire back in your home country together with the CPF Resolved.

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