The importance of udl in the

When reading, learners may have different goals in mind. Having multiple ways to find and get to relevant information is essential. Unlike a paper concept map, a digital concept map can be transformed into a meaningful navigation tool.

The importance of udl in the

Some may do better reading and working independently, while others excel after watching YouTube videos and working in groups. The goal is to understand their strengths and weaknesses, then use that when designing lessons.

Determining strengths and weaknesses can be as simple as asking students their learning preferences, or observing them over time and keeping notes on which methods work best for which students. There are also many surveys that can help you learn more about individual strengths and weaknesses. You should also be prepared to create an individual education plan for students requiring specific accommodations or modifications.

Use digital materials when possible Although this is improving, I find that many classrooms still use paper-based materials. With digital content you can increase font size, easily look up definitions, use text-to-speech to read text aloud, and link out to more detailed information on almost any topic imaginable.

This is particularly useful for students needing dyslexia reading tools. If your current classroom materials are not in a digital format, consider ways you can change this. For example, you could replace outdated content with more up-to-date, digital content available online, or use tools like Snapverter to convert paper-based materials to digital, accessible materials.

Offer choices for how students demonstrate their knowledge Sharing content in a variety of ways is only half the battle. Obviously some of this is out of your control as standardized testing and practicing standardized testing is a necessary part of education.

When possible however, do your best to give students options for sharing their knowledge. This could be a demonstration, slideshow, speech, or video.

Even using simple free tools like Google forms provides an upgrade to standard multiple choice tests by making it digital see advantages above and helping you to streamline grading. Take advantage of software supports The number of apps, extensions, sites, and built-in supports available to students today is nearly infinite.

If you have a student who needs a support to help with reading, writing, math, history, chemistry, or any other subject, chances are it exists.

UDL: What it is, why it's important, and how to use it in your class - Special ed tech tips

Allowing students to take advantage of these supports is critical. Not only does it give them the ability to succeed independently both inside and outside of the classroom, but it also frees up your valuable time to help even more students. Our handy extension for the Google Chrome web browser allows anyone with a Google account to have access to reading and writing supports on the web, in Google Docs, PDF files, Google Forms and more.

And one of the great things about modern apps and extensions is their ease of use.


Many times students simply discover these apps on their own after they are deployed. UDL is all about removing barriers.

The importance of udl in the

As mentioned, one way to do this is by providing a range of options when presenting content or asking students to demonstrate their knowledge. Instead of using technology you can still offer multiple means of representation with things like graphic organizers and handheld whiteboards that students can use as response cards.

The goal is just to make sure that all students have a way to participate and learn. There are loads of resources available online that can help you get started.Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based framework for designing curricula—that is, educational goals, methods, materials, and assessments—that enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning.

03 February Deena Kimmel, Marketing Specialist. A Key Takeaway from ATIA: The Importance of UDL. A couple weeks ago, we attended the ATIA Conference in Orlando, Florida.

There were a ton of fabulous sessions on a range of interesting and important topics, all of which we wish we could share here with you. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides the opportunity for all students to access, participate in, and progress in the general-education curriculum by reducing barriers to instruction.

Learn more about how UDL offers options for how information is presented, how students respond or demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and how students . Sep 12,  · Graduate courses in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are offered each Fall (online) through GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

The importance of udl in the

Dr. Fran Smith, CVE teaches this course. National experts in UDL are invited to share their UDL understandings and expand towards this richness of learning. The best thing about UDL is that it allows you to align student abilities and preferences with learning goals, which increases accessibility for all.

Glossary: Research has shown that vocabulary knowledge is one of the most important factors in reading a result, UDL practice recommends defining vocabulary and symbols (guideline ).In a digital book such as this one, words are linked to a glossary that provides immediate access to definitions and allows for adding images and audio to further enhance comprehension.

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