The traces of racism still exist in society today

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The traces of racism still exist in society today

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Disparity in hereditary origin and skin colour has conflagrated rage amongst millions around the world, ensuing in subjugation and discrimination of the weak by the dominant. The Oxford online dictionary defines racism as "a belief that every member of each race possesses certain features, capabilities, or qualities particular to that race especially so as to differentiate it as inferior or superior to another race or races" Oxford.

Such presumptions about racial discrimination have been the foundation of the racism in United States of America where racism is conventionally referred to as the brutality of the majority white Americans over its non-white minority population.

Over the course of time, in its efforts to carve out an identity as a beacon of hope and humanitarian excellence and fine ideals, America has propagated a stance of inter-racial equality and non-discrimination. The presidential elections won by African American Barrack Obama were celebrated throughout the world by the non-white societies because of the idea that it would end or at least change the racial dynamics in America.

However, the assertion that the unprecedented entrance of an African American into the white house will end the racial discrimination in America is too oversimplified to accept, ignoring the solid facts that show that racism in America is still an overwhelming reality.

To identify with the racial relationships in America, one needs to understand the history of racial marginalization that plays a significant role towards comprehending the psyche of a normal American citizen.

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The evolution of racism started nearly five centuries ago when Columbus first laid his foot on American soil. In the beginning, it took the form of debasing attitude towards Native Americans. Soon, blatant maltreatments which included killing and plundering in order to occupy their lands and properties ensued, together with enslaving the Africans to work for their masters.

Despite the abolition of slavery in the course of thirteenth amendment inracism had penetrated the American culture to its core. Institutionalized and legitimate racism became the course of the day as sequestration law further disenfranchised the black minority. Organized rebellions were carried out by white supremacist groups such as the KKK against the blacks demonstrating the degree of racial odium that had been developed.

However, after all those incidents, things did recover from there on. The African American civil rights movement in late 50's and early 60's aimed at outlawing the racial disparity and asked for equal treatment for every person. Surprisingly, it did bear some fruit under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Consequently, major racial disparities were outlawed and new avenues became available for the black minorities in America Dean. Many argue that passing of this act was the point where roots of racial discrimination were slashed off and Barrack Obama's entry to the white house acts as a de facto proof of this claim.

While recent elections demonstrate that American society has evolved into a mature civilization since the eras of slavery and segregation, but that certainly did not imply an end to racism in America.

It may seem that race related problems have finally ended in today's America, but statistical evidence regarding racial discrimination is a sharp reminder to the fact that racism in America is far from being eradicated. The economic gap between the white Americans and rest of the population that has risen to a staggering extent must act as a signal to those who believe that racial disparity is dead in America.

The traces of racism still exist in society today

Economic inequality in this New World order is predicated by race and manifested flagrantly via racism. In a survey performed by the U. S census bureau init was found out that only 8. These economic markers clearly point out to racial prejudice that still persists in the nexus of modern American economy.

Hence the American dream is definitely not for all; it is inherently racist.The reason why the problem still exists in modern society lies in wrong upbringing of children with imposing misleading stereotypes on them.

To reduce or end racism, new curriculum of developing respect and understanding towards ethnically diverse people has been introduced into educational programs of all levels.

So whether we call it racism, microaggressions, or something else, there is something that remains in our society where differences in people contribute to pain in some. Furthermore, the pain goes far beyond what might be considered as merely individual differences.

I still believe that the biggest influence that racism has had of recent, in our society is that of the effect of racism to years ago, slavery and it's influence's both positive or negative, on all our society and cultures, For the greatest part racism today is far more about the exploitation of historical slavery, in other words.

Answer (1 of 6): Yes Racism is still very much alive in the United States. There are still descendants of the slaves from the s who were never told that slavery was over.

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These people were discovered in the s still working on the same plantations. They were still using whips, threats of rape, were not allowed to go to church, etc. Racism and discrimination doesn't exist In America. There are so many interracial weddings still held today in the US.

I would strongly disagree if someone said there is racism in America today. Jul 09,  · The Surprising Science of Race and Racism “Biological races do not exist—and never have.” Trace Dominguez on Twitter https.

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