Trainair atc training business plan

WCG has become an established global leader in worldwide air traffic system management and air traffic controller training. We have earned a reputation for successfully providing innovative, effective solutions within stringent time and budget constraints. Quality Policy We are committed to maintaining the highest quality air traffic management support services for our clients. Our policy is achieved through a client focus, continual improvement and employee empowerment, training, and teamwork.

Trainair atc training business plan

The addition of this new generation of sophisticated equipment for tower controllers complements the current simulators supporting the training needs of approach and area controllers, from the ab initio stages through to annual refreshment training. The emphasis at LGS has always been on providing a training environment that supports the most basic fundamentals of ATC up to more advanced courses.

Therefore LGS strives to procure simulators containing the same functionality as found in the operational environment. Training of Tower Controllers Despite a decline in air traffic during due to the global economic downturn, the future for aviation in Latvia looks bright and a need for new air traffic controllers is imminent.

In the past LGS could not perform efficient training of tower controllers since it had neither a modern training facility nor the necessary 3D tower simulation equipment. Consequently it did not have the ability to set up realistic gate-to-gate scenarios to train tower, area and approach controllers in proper handover and co-ordination procedures.

The second was to extend our existing simulator environment so that we could get the capability to perform gate-to-gate simulations involving tower, area and approach controllers in one exercise. The airport has been upgraded several times over the years and has today a brand-new A-SMGCS to enhance safety and increase capacity.

As the new simulator is built on the existing simulator environment, LGS is able to reuse existing simulation plans and the instructors can work in an environment they are used to. Also the operational parameters can be used directly without modification, making it easy to validate new sets, such as sectorisation and airspace structures.

This has reduced the workload for LGS instructors and in the future LGS plans to make gate-to-gate scenarios combining all their simulators. Considering that Si ATM has delivered a suite of simulators and operational products to LGS used for tower, approach and area control operations it was not a surprise that Si ATM was awarded the contract to deliver a new 3D tower simulator.

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For aircraft models we had to develop a realistic pitch, roll and heading required for aircraft as well as control of aircraft attributes such as lights and gears. Despite complications involving ATC functions prior to this project, Si ATM had to focus on new functionality to create a realistic 3D environment — everything from aircraft and vehicle movements, weather scenarios and other specific incidents had to be realistically visualised.

Even though very high visualisation requirements were important from an aesthetic point of view, much of the new functionality had to be developed to control the aircraft movement. The system had to consider aircraft landing gear, all the various lights of the aircraft and even the possible failure of these components.

As a consequence the new pseudo-pilot positions had to be upgraded, but all the added new features could have potentially resulted in an unmanageable workload for the pseudo-pilots.

Creating simulation plans and exercise scenarios is often a very time-consuming activity, and as such it was necessary for Si ATM to emphasise developing various graphical tools that would help speed up the exercise preparation. One celebrated function is a feature that enables the instructor to visualise simulation plans and edit them directly on the surveillance display.

As a fairly small systems integrator, Si ATM emphasises that the end user is the best resource when trying to specify new functionality. Even though it follows international standards from ICAO and the Eurocontrol agency, the core principle is to develop solutions for the customer with the customer.

Whereas cost and configuration management reasons may force larger companies to provide COTS packages to their customers, Si ATM focuses on a more flexible approach that tailors specific functions to each customer as needed.

Gate-to-Gate Simulator The simulator has been cleverly developed and improved with functionalities that address and enable training in all areas: By separating the visualisation, simulator, voice communication and most importantly the operational segment, we can deliver the system in various configurations to our customers with minimum effort.

New functionality such as the runway safety nets runway incursion alertrestricted area incursion and stop-bar monitoring had to be developed to provide all the features in the current operational system environment in the ATC tower of Riga International Airport.

An even more challenging task was the control and presentation of weather. The same weather data also affected the simulated aircraft, mainly the pitch and heading. The weather data is configurable for each minute within an exercise and, when required, can also be controllable online during an exercise.

Even though the economy has temporarily stopped traffic growth there is an expected recovery and growth of traffic on the horizon. It is therefore essential to provide better training facilities that enable easier monitoring of the progress of students and prepare them for real operative work that will, in the long run, help avoid any future shortages of controllers.May 20,  · ATC Issues - Beginning of European ATC crises or only an Italian business plan?

- Look at the attached file and give your opinion. Thanks!! A current training business plan including your ATC goals for the February 1, - January 31, This should include your ATC marketing plan, projected enrollments and a pricing/cost/revenue forecast for the period of .

one operations, Wheels Up: Airline Business Plan Development. From to , Dr. Wensveen hosted a number of leading radio shows in the United Kingdom and was awarded ‘Best Male Presenter’ in at the BBC Radio One Awards.

ATC Strategic Plan—Adopted August 2 C. ATC becomes a Master Educator Leave No Trace Course Provider, providing courses to organizations and individuals that are leading others in organized outings on the A.T. D. ATC promotes a quality visitor experience and Trail resource protection through effective information services and .

Training Courses Our extensive training portfolio includes topics for airlines, airports, cargo operators, governments, ground service providers, travel agents, young professionals and more. We provide practical, relevant and engaging training for professional development to obtain real business results.

Flight Safety Training Center. Course List; English Language Training and Testing Center. CDU - Trainair Plus.

trainair atc training business plan

Course List; Diploma Programs. Airline business plan: 1 Week: ; Airfield Lighting Systems Maintenance: 2 .

one operations, Wheels Up: Airline Business Plan Development. From to , Dr. Wensveen hosted a number of leading radio shows in the United Kingdom and was awarded ‘Best Male Presenter’ in at the BBC Radio One Awards. GLOBAL AVIATION TRAINING TRAINAIR PLUS Unstable Approaches in Air Traffic Control Prevention of Miscommunication in ATC Radio Telephony Gestión de Riesgo en la Aviación Civil • Airport investors, airport business planners, and financial analysts. Paul has written or co-written several high-profile publications, including the Iraq air traffic control system reconstruction plan in , the initial FAA plan for supporting the reconstitution of the Afghanistan civil aviation system in , and the air navigation services portion of the FAA’s Safe Skies for Africa program.
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