We must keep our own identity essay

After mulling on the subject for about ten paragraphs, she concludes with a seeming liberatory message on behalf of her children:

We must keep our own identity essay

We have also been invited by a close expat Muslim friend to celebrate Eid Al Adha with her family. Being a part of all these festivities in such a short period of time has not only been incredibly fun but has also got me thinking about how important it is to maintain your own traditions while living as an expat.

Whether it is a wedding, a harvest festival, a religious holiday, or a national observance, our celebrations are woven tightly into our overall cultural identity. When we move overseas, part of the excitement of living in a new culture is exploring and joining in the celebration of the local holidays and traditions of our adopted country.

Some of these experiences will provide memories that will last a lifetime. Getting deep into the local culture is a fantastic way to adapt to your new home, but there are numerous reasons why maintaining our own cultural traditions when we move overseas is just as important.

Stay Connected Celebrating your traditions helps keep you grounded in your own culture while adapting to a new one. This is especially important when going through some of the phases of culture shock that affect many of us in the first months after moving overseas.

Celebrating one of your traditional holidays can brighten up your mood for weeks as you become absorbed in preparations for the event and the excitement of the day itself.

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Celebrating a special day can also help you connect with fellow compatriots in your area who can add to your mutual support group. When we hosted our recent Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, we invited a new colleague and his family who had just spent an exhausting couple of months going through the trials of getting settled into a new job, finding appropriate housing, and jumping through the usual bureaucratic hoops that accompany any move to a new country.

They were extremely grateful for the chance to wind down, meet new friends and exchange tips on local life. Give Your Expat Kids Some Roots Celebrating your traditions is perhaps most important if you have expat kids growing up in another culture the so-called 3rd culture kids.

It can help them keep one foot firmly rooted in their home culture, while also offering learning experiences that might not otherwise occur. As we were preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner, our seven year old daughter was quizzing me on the differences between the American and Canadian Thanksgiving, and why one was observed later in the year than the other.

Share Your Culture Traditional celebrations are also an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange and understanding.

We must keep our own identity essay

Both kids and adults learn about other cultures through these celebrations. For the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival, our daughter invited all her friends over to parade through our neighbourhood holding lanterns and to eat moon cake back at our place. As our rather large group of parents and children wandered along the local roads, drivers stopped to watch, ask questions, and even take pictures.

Experience Something Unique Finally, observing your traditions while living overseas will give you some unique experiences that you will remember years later.

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I will never forget Christmas of my first year living in Vietnam 15 years ago. I had befriended some Europeans working for Medicines Sans Frontieres who invited me to go to the seaside with them for a few days over the holidays.In the case of our identity in Christ, our lives should indicate that we are the same as Christ.

The name “Christians” means literally “followers of Christ.” In our new identity in Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin (Romans ), but we are reconciled to God (Romans ).

Thus far Emerson has said that we should seek truth by looking into our own hearts and that we, like such great thinkers as Moses, Plato, and Milton, should ignore what we . Keep in mind that you must take a position and argue a point of view, not merely summarize a text (an essay or film) without articulating and supporting your own thesis.

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We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it. George W. Bush, State of the Union address (31 January ), To be free of time is to be free of the psychological need of past for your identity and future for your fulfillment. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now; W they must be made brighter in our own.

If in other lands the press and. Thinking through the answers to those questions in an identity essay is a way to explore, discover and share your own identity perceptions.

We must keep our own identity essay

The purpose of an identity essay is to answer questions about who you are, how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you as well. New trends and subcultures are likely to arise as we continue to experiment collectively with our own individual identity recipes.

If we are eating ourselves into identity, an exploration of one of the oldest food taboos is informative to end on.

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