Writing a band bio examples

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Writing a band bio examples

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I. Introduction These were all people who help unknown artists become known for a living.
How To Write A Good Bio | Scott Berkun The band released their first live EPentitled Recentlyin

Tumblr Updated November A well-crafted artist bio is a necessary part of your press kit and can increase the chances of your music getting heard by music journalists and visitors to your website.

It does, of course, but a well-crafted artist bio is still a necessary part of your press kit and promotional efforts. To help shed light on how to create a stellar band bio, I sought advice from Cary Baker, founder of the Los Angeles music publicity firm Conqueroo. Records, and other labels — and before that, he worked as a music journalist for publications like Billboard, Mix, and Creem.

Understand the format While artist bios can be written in any number of styles and configurations, Baker recommends a specific approach that has worked for him for decades.

We just want the uni-document to be a complete, thorough source of information. So talk about the new album for a couple paragraphs to get people excited about it.

Then discuss the current project again briefly at the end.

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In practical terms, writing for both audiences means making sure that your prose is catchy and engaging enough to grab the attention of a potential fan surfing to your site — as well as deep and thorough enough to give a journalist what he or she needs to become an instant expert on you and your music.

Easier said than done? No doubt — but an important balance to keep in mind. Let reviewers be the ones to include superlatives.

writing a band bio examples

They were too vague. The closer to the latter you can come on a consistent basis, the more compelling your artist bio will be. Consider outsourcing Just like mixing, mastering, arranging horn parts, or any number of musical tasks, writing a strong bio is a specialized skill.

II. Getting started

If you find yourself more comfortable penning thoughtful lyrics rather than crafting engaging PR copy, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional writer. Baker puts it bluntly: My company has four employees, and one is a dedicated editorial director.

Check out artist bios on websites and when you find one that resonates with you, try contacting someone on their team to find out who the writer was.

In many cases, your artist bio will be the first exposure a journalist or potential fan will have to you or your band — and a strong bio can prime the reader to engage with your music.

Just like quality audio mastering or graphic design, a well-crafted bio can present you in an engaging, professional way and be well worth the investment. One writer I work with is a former English professor.

He really knows how to explain a lyric, get inside it, and find something in it to talk about.Writing a drum-tight music bio is the key component of a good music promotion campaign.

Your bio is the tool that will get journalists, festival-goers and future fans intrigued by you. It’s the way you represent your image and music to the world before they even press play.

How to Write a Killer Musician Bio General Thoughts on This Band Bio It’s Really Well Written! Kudos. Covers lots of bases, plenty of variety, and written in a very accessible style.

Writing an Artist Bio: Other Considerations.

Start Your College Student Biography Successfully

Some other thoughts and suggestions for writing (or improving) your own bio. We can help you create an effective music bio. Check out a music bio sample from Exquisite Writing.

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Professional fill-in-the-blank bio templates written in the correct style and format, customized for your type of work, and flexible enough to reflect your unique background.

Proven to work for websites, marketing, social media, introductions. Writing Tips. Short Bio Examples;.

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