Writing a character description ks2 ppt

Characterisation-TES Powerpoint This is a short unit approx 50 minute periods which aims to improve students ability to create effective characterisation in creative or personal pieces of writing. Pack contains a self-explanatory PowerPoint which you simply run through and it gives students examples of good practice and gives them tasks on how to improve characterisation.

Writing a character description ks2 ppt

This may be physical or psychological, but whatever it is, the conflict propels the story on to its final solution. Conflict may be internal or external. The tension created by this conflict gives rise to drama and action in the story.

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Is the conflict evenly balanced? Some stories are told using several different points of view. In every story the reader can discern one generally of four basic points of view The omniscient narrator knows everything about the characters, even their most inmost thoughts, but choosing to reveal only information that is relevant to the story.

This is the most common point of view. A limited omniscient narrator is an all knowing about one character through whose eyes and thoughts the story is filtered. In the case of Yr 12,another relevant first person pov is the subjective narrator.

A subjective narrator is one who provides a very emotionally loaded and personal point of view. It is a view that the reader is encouraged Setting The setting involves the place and time of the incidents in the story. The location, the social environment, and period of history form an essential, element in the short story.

Within this setting characters may move, initiating some action within the text. In addition the setting will construct some feeling in the reader in relation to place, character, time and action.

Often the setting of a story acts as an emotional landscape. What this means is that the setting may mirror or may directly contrast, to highlight the main character's emotional state. Thus, the setting can play an active part in the short story.

This atmosphere often plays a significant role in developing character, action and theme. Character Character development in short story is generally limited to the major character.

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Such a character can be said to be complex or rounded, as distint from simple or a flat character. Most characters in short stories don't need to be developed. Other names for types of characters are stock characters or stereotyped characters ; they are like cardboard cut-outs.

Plot and Narrative Structure The plot involves the ordering of the happenings; that is, selection and arrangements of incidents of the story into a recognizable sequence. Plot graphs have us believing that most stories are simple, linear, chronological sets of events.

writing a character description ks2 ppt

Indeed some stories are, however, there are many ways in which stories develop. Some moments, indeed whole short stories, can be very limited amounts of time expanded. Stories often contain an expansion and contraction of events.

A story may commence in the middle of an event plane crashgo back to before plane takes off, then lead up to crash and whatever the resolution is.

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5) Explain that you will prompt the students as they create a short suspenseful narrative that uses sensory details to explore what a character is thinking, feeling, and experiencing during a .

Apostrophe Ppt - Is it 's or s'? Help children practice applying their knowledge of possessive apostrophes using this PowerPoint. Read our article How to Do Character Education: An Overview. The BIG PICTURE, made clear and simple.

writing a character description ks2 ppt

You are a character educator. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, custodian, or school bus driver, you are helping to shape the character of the kids who interact with you. A simple MWB activity I created for my low ability Year 9. The vocab worksheet can be used as support.

At the end of the activity, pupils cut and glue pictures of the Family Guy family and write a description using sentences on PPT.

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